Join us to explore the power of gratitude practices to create more joy within our everyday lives.

We invite you to join our A Thousand Joys community and take time to tend to your own self-care, wellbeing and resilience. Our event is a mini-retreat, offering an opportunity to reconnect to joy and gratitude. Our hope is that you will leave feeling connected and rejuvenated.

Individually and collectively we have faced many challenges over the past year. Stress has been heightened and for many it has meant dealing with these uncertainties in isolation. This session is a chance to come together. Please join us! 

Date: Tuesday, June 29, 2021
Time: 12:00 - 1:00PM PDT
Location: Zoom

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We invite you to join us at no cost to you. 

This training has been generously supported by grants from The California Health Care Foundation (Oakland, CA) and the Johnny Carson Foundation (Los Angeles, CA). 

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Both science and experience teach us about the power of gratitude. Brene Brown describes the relationship between joy and gratitude as one of the important--and unexpected--things in her research. Over 12 years of research and 11,000 pieces of data, every person who described themselves as joyful actively practiced gratitude. Her conclusion? 

“Practicing gratitude invites joy into our lives.”
About A Thousand Joys
A Thousand Joys promotes and supports the development of resilient, joyful, and engaged individuals, schools and organizations.
We believe that the inherent capacity of all people to grow and make a positive impact on their communities should be valued and supported.

We envision a future in which trauma-informed/resilience-focused practices are integrated into working and learning environments for all youth and adults.

We commit to providing support for schools and community-based organizations with techniques to manage stress, promote greater overall wellbeing, facilitate teamwork and strengthen communities.
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