Subject-Matter Experts – Sally Lokey, PsyD, LMFT

Sally Lokey, PsyD, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in trauma associated with domestic violence and sexual abuse. She works with women and children in both an agency setting as well as in emergency and transitional confidential shelters. Sally participated in A Thousand Joys’ Transform program pilot at Good Shepherd Shelter, serving as coordinator/liaison between the shelter and Children’s Institute, Inc. She is also a therapist in the CalWorks (California Welfare to Work) program, supporting survivors of domestic violence as they re-enter the workforce while they learn to increase their independence and parenting skills. Sally was an adjunct professor at Ryokan College, where she taught doctoral students the 24-hour domestic violence curriculum required for licensing. She also has provided clinical supervision for violence prevention programs in middle schools and for ATJ’s Transform program. She currently co-chairs the board of the Association of Batterers Intervention Programs, and she serves on the boards of the Twin Palms Recovery Center, Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation and the Rosemary Kraemer Raitt Foundation.