Clients – St. Anne’s

St. Anne’s serves some of the most abused, abandoned, neglected and otherwise challenged young women and children in Los Angeles County. Multiple foster placements, consequences of violence and gang affiliations, poverty and histories of abuse have left many far behind in their educational and employment readiness skills. Without assistance, these women are unlikely to be able to support themselves or care for their children. St. Anne’s offers an array of comprehensive programs including residential treatment, transitional housing, mental health, child care, family literacy, family preservation, educational and vocational preparation, as well as access to and collaborations with other agencies and providers. All of St. Anne’s programs strive to empower and educate, according to each individual’s specific needs, by providing the highest level of care and resources. In turn, the programs help young women and children recognize their own value and potential, giving them the hope and the tools they need for a brighter future.

To help their clients in a more meaningful way, St. Anne’s leadership team recognized they also needed to empower and take care of themselves. ATJ is currently working with the team to help them build skills that will increase their productivity, improve their management of stress and create a stronger workforce. A program to expand this work to all staff is well under way, focusing on enhancing staffs ability to communicate effectively, care for themselves in the workplace and work together as a team.