Professional Development

These descriptions provide a snapshot of the types of professional development and coaching sessions ATJ offers.

Each training solution is tailored to your specific organizational needs.

Empowerment Model – Peak Performance

Our dynamic, comprehensive Empowerment Model is rooted in a solid, skills-based foundation that enables individuals and teams within organizations to gain effective communication, leadership and self-care skills. By training individuals to strengthen and energize their mind, body, and spirit, ATJ helps to maximize performance and create lasting benefits for the entire organization.


These descriptions provide a snapshot of the types of Empowerment training and coaching programs that ATJ offers. Each is tailored to your specific organizational needs.

Trauma Informed Practices for Sustainability and Efficacy

High stress and unresolved trauma affect our ability to cope with challenges in a responsible and effective way. Understanding the impact that stress and trauma have on the mind and body can combat these effects, allowing us to build resiliency, communicate more effectively, and therefore create organizational wellness. Participants will learn to identify their automatic responses to stress and trauma, apply specific strategies to regulate emotions and responses, and use proven techniques to enable clear decision-making and effective, trauma-informed communication.  This increase in knowledge and skills will positively impact leadership and therapeutic interventions, and help participants to thrive in their work and personal lives.

Self-Care: Promoting Wellness and Resiliency in the Workplace

In a demanding work environment, employees must possess excellent self-care skills. Self-care often becomes a luxury and feels like an impossible feat when faced with a multitude of responsibilities. ATJ’s self-care program helps employees build strong minds and bodies, while learning simple, quick techniques that can be done in the workplace throughout the day. The result is a healthy, empowered team that can go on to provide the highest quality services to their clients.

Some areas of focus are:

  • Preventing burnout by learning powerful, innovative ways to clear the mind, reduce stress, calm the nervous system, and relax and rejuvenate the body.
  • Creating productive work environments by implementing simple yet powerful design principles that efficiently and effectively clear clutter, reduce chaos, and maximize productivity.
  • Optimizing Physical Health by learning how food, exercise, stretching and other self-care skills help replenish, balance and strengthen the physical body, and increase energy throughout the work day.
  • Using Movement for Self-Care to increase alertness, maintain energy throughout the day, and help cope more effectively in stressful situations.
  • Increasing Focus and Energy by using easy, powerful techniques that dramatically increase energy, improve mental focus, and melt away stress and fatigue.
  • Using Imagery and Imagination to assist in recognizing personal insights, releasing pain and stress, and promoting good health.

Communication and Teamwork

Effective Communication

Active listening and speaking purposefully with clear intent are critical skills for interacting successfully with others. By attending to the speaker and reserving judgment, we increase our ability to understand what is being communicated. Speaking with clear intention and matching the message to the audience also ensures greater understanding. When effective listening and speaking skills are combined, business relationships and work efforts are smoother, stress is reduced, productivity and satisfaction are increased, and goals are more quickly achieved.

Managing Conflict

When people have different viewpoints, conflict can occur. Effective conflict resolution requires the ability to accurately assess the situation and create mutually acceptable solutions for all involved parties. When conflict is successfully resolved, it can actually be healthy and productive because increased communication and understanding occurs. In this session, participants will learn specific conflict management skills to resolve a current conflict and also understand ways to minimize future conflicts.

Delivering Bad News Gracefully

We all encounter situations in which we must communicate difficult messages.  Participants with learn and practice skills to deliver challenging information effectively – greatly reducing the discomfort and anxiety that is often associated with the process.

Building Strong Teams

Research shows that teamwork can increase performance levels and bottom-line results. Yet, most people lack the skills necessary to work effectively in a group. Participants will learn how to clarify roles and responsibilities, build on individual strengths, and focus on common goals to achieve “break-through” performance.

Leadership Fundamentals

Leadership skills are a must for any manager or supervisor. ATJ’s “leadership learning lab” is a unique series of coaching and training sessions in which leaders will learn a variety of skills including goal-setting, delegation, problem-solving and decision-making. Participants will be actively involved in practicing the skills required to create a productive work environment, manage day-to-day issues, overcome barriers, achieve results and successfully navigate through any changes they face.