Operational Effectiveness Services

A Thousand Joys (ATJ) specializes in helping community mental health agencies and other human service organizations:


  • Maximize productivity while ensuring quality care to clients
  • Comply with funding and service-delivery requirements
  • Structure and streamline processes and procedures
  • Retain top performers and reduce turnover

Introductory Assessment

The first step is a focused assessment to gauge the effectiveness of the agency’s overall operations in the areas of productivity, efficiency, quality and leadership results.
Typically two weeks in duration, this intensive assessment provides insights into:

  • How to structure the agency to maximize performance
  • Process clarity and effectiveness among departments
  • Knowledge sharing across departments
  • Opportunities to improve the client life cycle – from initial introduction through service completion
  • Organizational strengths

ATJ’s team of experts reviews how an agency performs by: conducting surveys and personal interviews; reviewing program, department and agency reports, data and other documentation; and observing and documenting processes and outcomes.
This cumulative knowledge is used to determine specific areas of opportunity and improvement.

Effectiveness Plan
The assessment yields the insights and data needed to inform the agency’s Effectiveness Plan – the roadmap that will guide the agency’s improvement actions. The plan is tailored to address the specific needs and realities of each organization and may include:

  • Identification of key skills required to achieve desired results
  • Organizational structure changes that are needed to improve operations
  • Transition planning
  • Specific recommendations for improving efficiencies:
    • Documented performance expectations and “hand-offs” between departments to ensure seamless workflow
    • Automated tools to improve efficiencies and make it easier for service providers to complete paperwork
    • Streamlining the billing and documentation process to ensure a focus on value-added activities

Implementation Services and Support

ATJ’s team of business, nonprofit and mental health professionals are often called on to help agencies implement their plans by:

  • Training agency staff on specific billing and documentation procedures to reduce the number of corrections required for compliance
  • Setting up new processes and tools
  • Providing coaching and consulting with agency leadership and key staff
  • Conducting self-care and other trainings to maximize staff retention and performance

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help your organization, please contact us.