Solutions & Services

A Thousand Joys’ ultimate goal is to help children, families and communities thrive.

From its inception, ATJ has specialized in improving trauma services to youth and families. According to the National Survey for Children’s Health, almost half of America’s children have experienced at least one or more types of serious childhood trauma. This translates to about 35 million children. As poverty levels increase, so do the number of adverse childhood experiences.  Even more concerning, about one-third of youth ages 12-17 have experienced two or more traumatic experiences that are likely to affect their mental and physical health as adults.

A Thousand Joys has found that there are gaps in providing the skills that individuals and families need to manage the effects of trauma and regain personal power and a sense of wellbeing. Using our knowledge and expertise on trauma, we are bridging these gaps on an individual level by working directly with children and families, and on a broader level by working with the organizations that serve them. Our programs are designed to help those we work with to reach their highest potential, and are delivered via a combination of individual and group coaching, training and consultation.