Partners – North Valley Military Institute


North Valley Military Institute College Preparatory Academy is a free public charter school serving 600 students in grades 6-12. NVMI’s challenging curriculum, military framework, and emphasis on physical fitness provide students with the academic and leadership skills necessary for college and career success and a foundation for lifelong health and well-being.

NVMI is founded upon three pillars: Academic Excellence, Responsible Leadership, and Honorable Citizenship. The demanding academic program includes language arts, math, science and history, as well as world languages, leadership, and physical fitness training. NVMI seeks and supports students who have ambition and are ready to take responsibility for their own learning. The goal of NVMI is to graduate cadets who are capable of meeting the admissions requirements for any school in the nation and who are prepared for their roles as future leaders.

A Thousand Joys and NVMI are working to create a fully trauma-informed campus at NVMI. Implementing a trauma-informed approach requires a significant time commitment to shaping school culture, practices and policies to be sensitive to the needs of students with an array of adverse or traumatic experiences. As such, ATJ and NVMI have embarked on a multi-year collaboration that includes working at all levels of the school: policy level, staff and teachers, students and parents. NVMI will then become the site of a trauma-informed training academy where other personnel can come and be trained so they can go back to their school community and implement school-wide trauma-informed policies and practices.