Partners – Five Acres

Five Acres is a child and family services agency that strengthens families and prevents child abuse through treatment and education in community-based and residential programs. The agency’s programs include residential care and educational services, mental health in homes and schools, foster care and adoptions, and domestic violence prevention.

As with many social service agencies, the Five Acres leadership team has multiple job responsibilities that can often seem endless and overwhelming. Staff discovered that overwork frequently caused them to neglect their health and led to poor choices related to their diet and well-being. ATJ helped Five Acres turn around their workplace environment by developing a comprehensive Workplace Wellness program. Planning meetings were held to identify important components of the program, in-house resources and assistance needed from other sources. Then a committee was formed, a work plan was developed, and the Five Acres team began implementing their program in January 2011.

“Since we implemented our workplace wellness program, our employees are excited to take care of themselves! I overhear them talking about being healthy. I see them making better choices and helping each other to make better choices with food and stress management activities. They feel like Five Acres is invested in their well-being, and many people are participating in the program.” – Carmen Benitez, Director of Human Resources, Five Acres