Partners – Echo Parenting & Education

Since it’s inception in 1999, Echo Parenting & Education has focused on the domains that most influence a child’s development – most significantly, parenting and education. Echo envisions a world in which children are ensured the right to emotional and physical safety. To achieve this, Echo promotes a view of child raising that is based in the philosophy of nonviolence, which respects the dignity of each individual, including those too young to stand up for themselves. Echo’s nonviolent approach to child-raising is grounded in the belief that through compassion and empathy, along with eschewing ‘power over’ techniques that emphasize compliance rather than connection, it is possible to create adult-child relationships that allow for the optimal physical and emotional development of a child. The latest scientific research, including the neurobiology of trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences, supports this belief and forms part of Echo’s trauma-informed nonviolent child-raising curriculum.

Echo Parenting & Education and A Thousand Joys are partnering to create a trauma-informed, nonviolent community at Sally Ride Elementary School in South Los Angeles. Thanks to a grant from the California Endowment, EPE will be training the whole school staff in nonviolent child rearing and trauma-informed care.  A Thousand Joys will provide the student component; helping students develop an awareness of how they respond to high-stress, and then teaching them regulation tools to manage those challenges so they are better able to learn.

Louise Godbold, co-executive director at EPE, had this to say about the partnership, “Echo is delighted to have found a partner in A Thousand Joys. We were looking for an agency that provides trauma-informed services, and has staff that really practices what they preach in their interactions with others. We look forward to working with A Thousand Joys and the staff and parents at Sally Ride to transform the lives of the students, and the whole school community.”