Clients – Para Los Niños

For nearly three decades, Para Los Niños has helped at-risk children and families living in the most impoverished, challenged and underserved areas of Los Angeles, creating opportunities to lift them out of poverty and into brighter, more successful futures. Every day, the Para Los Niño’s Family Services Division successfully assists families struggling with extreme poverty, crime and public safety, homelessness, at-risk youth issues, inadequate health care, issues related to recent immigration, parental substance abuse, and domestic violence. The Family Services Division contributes to the economic stability of children and families, improving their quality of life.

In an effort to help staff in the Family Services Division to reach their highest professional potential, ATJ conducted a series of sessions that focused on using communication and self-care as vehicles to creating a healthier, more productive work environment. Starting by focusing on stress management, participants went on to learn the benefits of positive language as well as active listening and speaking skills. Meditation and movement were also introduced as techniques to optimize overall health and prevent burnout. The staff was receptive and openly embraced the new communication patterns and self-care techniques, and they were quick to integrate them into their daily work with clients. They also brought their newly learned skills to staff meetings, taking a few moments to regroup and de-stress.

“After the ATJ training, we saw a significant increase in the staff’s ability to communicate and support each other.” – Lisa Marin, MSW, LCSW, Director of Family Services Division