Core Team – Kim Fuller, LMFT


Kim Fuller is a certified life and business coach, psychotherapist, radio show host and author. She is also a catalyst for change. Kim worked in nonprofit mental health agencies in Los Angeles County as a therapist for severely emotionally disturbed children aged two to 21 years. She is trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), an evidenced-based practice that has proved effective in addressing post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, externalizing behaviors, sexualized behaviors, feelings of shame, and mistrust. Her professional experience also includes training and skill-building in mediation, communication and relationship-building.

Kim owns two coaching businesses: Fuller Life Concepts, Inc., and Mind Your Own Business, LLC. She is president of the latter, an executive leadership and management training firm. Mind Your Own Business was created to improve management and leadership performance, improve information flow and productivity, reduce workload for managers, and increase customer satisfaction through experiential learning techniques. She followed her desire to empower women to manage life’s obstacles quickly and effectively and become competent parents, employees, partners and friends.

At Fuller Life Concepts, Inc., Kim coaches her clients on how to live a fuller life. She uses her compassion and targeted life coaching techniques to increase awareness and choice, to clarify vision, to create action plans and remove barriers to empowerment. Her work and professional insights were featured in the Fall 2012 issue of Balanced Mom magazine, in which she shared her life challenges including suddenly becoming a solo parent, and her journey to entrepreneurship. As the host of the radio show “Change is Personal,” Kim and her guests explore relationships, finances, emotional and physical health, and social fun, offering listeners methods and resources to go from overwhelmed to empowered. She is also co-author of Careers from the Kitchen Table National Home Business Directory, 3rd Edition, sharing her experiences of being an entrepreneur and her path to choosing a career that achieves both balance and success.