Clients – Plaza Community Services

Plaza Community Services’ was founded on the belief that all children and their families deserve to be surrounded by a nurturing, spiritual environment. Key to this belief is providing quality health, education and community services. Offering mental health, child development, youth and family services as well as the Esperanza Drug and Health Treatment Program, Plaza has a long legacy of success in reaching out to the communities in East Los Angeles.

The Family Services and Mental Health Services Departments of Plaza Community Services were invited to the ATJ Empowerment Training Series at Para Los Ninos. The session targeted effective communication and self-care techniques as ways to optimize health, prevent burnout and create a stronger, more productive workforce. Learning the benefits of positive language, working on listening and speaking skills for clearer communication, and including simple meditation and movement practices into one’s daily routine to reduce stress gave participants tools they could use in the workplace.

“I loved seeing staff evolve and grow both personally and professionally after experiencing the communication and self-care training. Everyone speaks more positively and laughs more. It’s great.” – Natalie Kusturic, M.A., L.M.F.T., Director of Family Services and Mental Health Services