Clients – Personal Involvement Center

The Personal Involvement Center (PIC), Inc. is a nonprofit that provides services to youth and families while improving the quality of life for the South Los Angeles community it serves. PIC is dedicated to rendering vital services to children and families, utilizing a patchwork quilt of public and private funding sources to serve the most vulnerable populations of their community. With 6 fully functioning locations, PIC manages to bring the Los Angeles community together as one.

A Thousand Joys brought its professional development services to PIC, focusing in the areas of trauma, communication, and teamwork.

Maxine Perryman Diggs, the CEO of PIC, had this to say, “ATJ’s work with the staff here at PIC has done wonders in the area of effective communication and teamwork, which has helped us to create an environment in which productivity and positivity go hand in hand. ATJ gave us all the tools we need to be a trauma-informed, efficient organization.”