Clients – Good Shepherd Shelter

This agency was established to help families break the generational cycle of domestic violence by providing a long-term refuge for battered women and their children. These fragile families live on a campus that offers an elementary tutorial center, preschool, nursery, therapeutic services, and an adult learning center for residents. Working with a client population that is often traumatized, combined with the challenges of stretching limited resources to cover a wide range of services, has caused some staff members to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and ineffective. Left unaddressed, these types of feelings can affect the quality of the valuable, much-needed services that staff members provide.

ATJ has helped to bring positive change to Good Shepherd’s staff and constituents through traditional and complementary approaches. The staff have built new skills to maintain their own well-being, and processes have been set in motion that enhance the quality of interactions both internally and with outside agencies. ATJ’s value extends beyond the staff, as they, in turn, train the women and children at the shelter to master techniques to heal, become healthy parents, and live independent lives.

As Sister Anne Kelley, Executive Director, reports: “We’ve seen accelerated healing. This program has had a truly positive effect.”