Client – The Village Family Services

This community-based nonprofit organization focuses on preventing and treating child abuse and family violence. Its goals are to prevent turnover, increase morale, establish better processes, and develop strong leaders while they are expanding. This organization is growing quickly, so the ability to communicate effectively and manage change is imperative.

Constant exposure to the extremely difficult circumstances of their clientele can take a toll on staff, putting them at risk for vicarious trauma and burnout. ATJ is implementing agency-wide development and training in communications, leadership and wellness. Major changes are under way, from improved stress management and coping skills for staff to a culture that encourages self-care, and streamlined processes for effective and consistent communication throughout the agency. The shift toward greater optimism and enhanced focus has been noted by management and staff as well as by the clients who are benefiting from re-energized services.

Irma Seilicovich, Chief Operating Officer, sums it up this way: “ATJ has helped us immensely. We have seen improvements across the board, from hiring practices to staff morale.”