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The LA County Department of Mental Health provides services to more than 250,000 residents. Operating more than 50 program sites and contracting with another 1,100 providers, DMH offers a range of services such as mental health assessments, case management and crisis intervention. Its 24/7 Access Center provides resources and a way for people to access mental health information, service referrals and crisis counseling confidentially.

At a time when impending changes were coming to the Access Center, ATJ worked with their staff to manage change more effectively and to understand the need for self-care. Change is inevitable, but with the proper tools and skills, the transition can be a smooth one. ATJ showed Access Center staff that integrating these new methods could change the office culture and make for more successful interactions with each other and with their clients.

“ATJ’s training has helped us to prepare for change positively and recognize the importance of self-care, particularly when work gets overwhelming and stressful.” – Patrice Foley, ACCESS Center’s Lead Agent