Partners – Children’s Institute, Inc. (CII)

One of the premier children’s service organizations in Los Angeles, Children’s Institute ( helps children who have been affected by violence, abuse and other kinds of trauma. Founded in 1906, CII serves more than 15,000 children and families each year through their treatment, prevention, early care and education, and community services programs. CII staff also work to inform the broader child welfare field through research, professional training and advocacy.

ATJ helps to fund and guide the development of CII’s Wellness Center activities by bringing mindfulness, guided imagery, meditation, yoga and other complementary therapeutic techniques to young children and families across many of the agency’s programs. In addition, ATJ is underwriting and collaborating on the development of an innovative Domestic Violence Curriculum that incorporates the use of complementary healing. ATJ also provides CII employees with ongoing training in wellness, stress management, and coping skills.

CII Director Dr. Leslie Ross states: “ATJ and CII share a similar goal of realizing positive change. By bringing these complementary methods to children and families, our clients are better able to manage and reduce their trauma-related symptoms and implement coping skills. In addition, CII staff are learning tools to reduce work-related stress. In essence, ATJ is helping CII carry out its mission of leading children away from the disabling effects of trauma and on the path toward recovery, opportunity and achievement.”